The upcoming edition of the Sluice magazine focuses on value, alternative economies and routes to self-sustainability.

The exchange value of any given cultural output is generally arrived at via a mix of past performance and anticipated future appreciation. To trade in arts futures in this way is a form of financial and reputational speculation. The art market tries to eliminate as many variables as possible by ensuring short-term appreciation by convincing the art and world and investors that it can be trusted to self-validate.

The non-profit art world is also in the business of self-validation, but freed from profitability drivers how and what we value could be seen as a consideration of judgment rather than measurement.

For this special 'economics' issue of the magazine, Sluice is selling its cover 5mm² at a time. In what amounts to a peer-funding model we're inviting artists, galleries and arts related businesses to buy modular exposure for whatever it is they want you promote.

  you will get...  

▮ your image on the cover of 500 litho printed magazines which are distributed throughout the UK and in over seven other countries
▮ your name printed on the key to the cover inside the print magazine
▮ your image on the digital version of the cover (on this page), hyperlinked to website of your choice (see example)


▮ each 5mm² costs just £2.50
▮ minimum of 2 and a maximum of 24 squares can be purchased
▮ Sluice retains the right to refuse submissions
▮ supplied images must be 300dpi