19 & 20 OCTOBER

Sluice2013 is also working with:



    Paul Kindersley
    We Make Cinema // Transition Gallery

    Chris Sav
    Ceviche // unit11studios

    EC Davies
    Donthinklove // Vane

    Jeremy Evans
    Dalla Rosa

    The Last Waltz // Frank Bobbins Institute

    Rosanne Robertson, Debbie Sharp & associates

    Nicola Smith
    Balloon Girl Versus // Paper Gallery

    Caro Halford
    Prescription only // XVI Collective

    44 artists videos
    The Paraphernalia Boutique // Filmarmalade

Simon Woolham & Alice Bradshaw
Paper Gallery

Good Cop Bad Cop
Goat Major Projects [Welsh Pavilion]

Sylva Dean and Me
Forgiveness is Earned // xvi collective

Fiona Winterflood & SPASKI
Neues froth kunsthalle

Karolina Magnusson Murray
Magic Shop 2 // XVI Collective

Workshop based on collaborative practice by // BRG

Violet Fingers
Let its mother stroke its fur because its so mysterious // C&C Gallery

Travis Townson
reel to reel [drop-in] // Goat Major Projects


  • Mark Jackson / Richard Hylton / Pierre Coinde
  • Here Be Curators. Who or what is a curator? Are curators necessary and, if so, what are the limits of their domain? The title of "curator" appears to be changing in meaning at an exponential rate. Is the title of curator an attempt to embellish a more mundane practice with an essence of creativity and expertise? Has the curator become a creative, or are we only now acknowledging the creativity and necessary specialisation involved in the field? What impact does such a curator have on the process of exhibiting art?

  • Alistair Gentry
  • Artbollocks Theatre. Dramatic readings of the worst gallery press releases, the most comically bad artist statements and the most incomprensible critical writing about art, followed by a public discussion about the pitfalls of verbal and prose interpretation of the visual.


  • "Why Brooklyn? Why Bushwick? Why now?"
  • Five gallerists discuss their experience of the art world and the wild heterogeneity of an emerging art scene in a changing part of New York.

  • Jeremy Hutchison / Ben Street
  • Artist Jeremy Hutchison will collaborate with Ben Street to create a critical exploration of arts education, taking the form of interactive workshop activities at roaming locations throughout the space. With the role and function of arts education coming under increased pressure in difficult financial times, this performative activity - critical, irreverent and engaging - will make a case for education as a site of questioning.


  • Keh Ng and Matthew Stock
  • Imagining a re-synchronizing (The Phantom Twin). The talk will uncover deeper understandings regarding ideas of creation through new forms of collaboration. The (not so) science fiction ideas of artificial intelligence as an increasingly active agent within modes of making. How alternative modes of artistic production and collaboration can be imagined through new forms of social and political change by focusing on radical autonomous networks vs accepted nodes of production.