How do artist/curator-run galleries and projects defined primarily as sites of communication manifest? What position can and should we occupy in relation to the broader arts ecology, to the commercial art world, to institutionalism? How can we advance emergent discourse via increased interaction on a local, national and international level? Can adopting and re-purposing existing structures benefit the self-organising artist and curator? How is social capital accrued, by what mechanisms and for what can it be exchanged? Does participation equal collaboration? Does authorship become fluid in the artist/curator run context? Is an exhibition an artwork? Is an organisation an artist?

Sluice - run by artists and curators - assumes the form of a collaborative, provocative artwork. The authors of which are everyone that comes into contact with the project.
Sluice strategically adopts structures in order to showcase artist, curator and emergent discourse, projects and galleries.

In addition to our extramural activities, exhibitions, talks, screenings, magazine, we stage a non-profit Biennial in London and a roaming international expo every alternate year:

● Sluice_2011 / London
● Sluice_2013 / London
● Exchange Rates expo 2014 / NYC
● Sluice_2015 / London
● Exchange Rates expo 2016 / NYC
● Sluice Biennial 2017 / London

Founder / Director / Karl England 
Founder / Director / Education / Ben Street 
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Publishing Director / Karl England 
Editor / Tash Kahn 
Associate Editors / Ben Street 

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All Sluice activities and events are by invitation only. In the first instance a curatorial proposal is sought and admittance is based on this. Consideration is also given to the programmatic background of the project.

Sluice is strategically non-thematic, non-institutional and non-profit. If you are unfamiliar with Sluice, read the 'about' section prior to submitting. If you wish to be considered for future Sluice projects please drop us a line.

The Sluice Gallery works with artists and curators to stage ambitious group and solo exhibitions.

The Sluice Project Space Residencies are awarded to artist and curator-run projects that do not have a physical space. each residency lasts two months.

If you're interested in writing for the Sluice magazine drop us a line and we'll send you a copy of our editorial guidelines.

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